Wooden Brooch Swallow from alder

woodswallowalderwhite swallowbroochaccessorysilver metal pin back
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Material:Alder, Metal Pin
Dimensions:65 x 50 x 3 mm (2.5" x 1.9" x 1/8")

Wooden Brooch Swallow made of alder is apin brooch made ofnatural wood. Wear thiswooden accessory with deep colored, monochrome, or dark clothes. It will suit any of them!

White Alder Swallow Wooden Brooch was created to emphasize your sensibility and add warm moments to your day! Thiswooden brooch made of alder is the bestaccessory to wear with knitted sweaters or your favorite coat.

Thiswooden brooch white swallow ishandcrafted and made ofrenewed andeco-friendly materials: natural alder wood and covered with natural oil mix. Thisbrooch is easy to wear as it has a silver metal hardware pin back.

Thisbrooch is anexcellent gift for your mother, sister, or just yourself. It is also the best ice-breakingsmall present for a friend you haven't seen for ages!