Wooden Brooch Polar Bear

woodpolar bearalderbearbroochwhite bearaccessorysilver metal pin back
70 UAH110 UAH
Material:Alder, Metal Pin
Dimensions:55 x 28 x 3 mm (2.2" x 1.1" x 1/8")

Wooden Brooch Polar Bear is apin brooch made ofnatural alder wood. Wear thiswooden accessory with deep colored, monochrome, or dark clothes. It will suit any of them!

White Bear Wooden Brooch was created to emphasize your sensibility and add warm moments to your day! Thiswooden brooch made of alder is the bestaccessory to wear with knitted sweaters or your favorite coat.

Thiswooden bear brooch ishandcrafted and made ofrenewed andeco-friendly materials: natural alder wood and covered with natural oil mix. Thisbrooch is easy to wear as it has a silver metal hardware pin back.

Thisbrooch is anexcellent gift for your mother, sister, or just yourself. It is also the best ice-breakingsmall present for a friend you haven't seen for ages!


Eachwooden brooch ishandcrafted of a solidpiece of wood by a wood crafter. We observe thisold tradition to control thequality of each product at all stages of the production process. Therefore, our work is organized on the principles ofcentralized manufacturing, which means that the entire process takes place in one location.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

Wood is a renewable material, but it is important for us to make our work harmless for nature. Therefore, we work with certified wood suppliers that produce lumber only where it is harmless to animals, and who are planting new trees in the felled areas.

Safe materials

Eachwooden brooch is covered with 100% eco-friendly blend of oils extracted using low-temperature technology from natural components. These oils are non-toxic and certified by UIEC – Ukrainian Institute Ecology of Man so that the level of environmental safety of our oils is suitable even for children.Fabrics that we use are natural: onlycotton,wool, andlinen.

Best Match

We put together each individualpiece of wood and different types andcolors of fabrics to choose the perfect combination of aspecific wooden brooch with aparticular textile. This makes everywooden accessory unique and harmonious.

Versatile usage

All ourbrooches are equipped with a metal pin back, so it will fit anyone. You can pin the brooch to any clothes as the grain and the color of wood will emphasize your style.

Original present

Brooches made of wood will be a greatgift for the birthday, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, or other celebration.Wooden brooches will also be awonderful gift for the bride or bridesmaids, waitresses or accessory forweddings’ andcorporate parties’ leaders.

Wholesale supply

We offerwooden brooches at wholesale prices starting from 5 pieces. We makewooden brooches to custom orders forcorporate gifts for waiters, bartenders, and companies' employees.Wooden brooches are also suitable for hotel administrators, restaurateurs, and nightclubs staff.

Shipping to anywhere in the world

We appreciate your time and deliver orders as soon as possible by air mail or courier to anywhere in the world. Shipping cost varies, all the details – in the section"Shipping and Payment".

Individual orders

We can makebrooches on your design, we may also use yourfabric if it’s needed. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please email atwoodmanbowties@gmail.com.

Old craftsmanship traditions

We do not stamp products on a conveyor belt. We are not able to make athousand brooches with deadline till tomorrow, as we usehand work only. We are able to make a quite large amount of products in a short period of time but within enough time given andwoodwork masters possibilities.

Value for money

Manufacturing of a wooden brooch with a complex design takes up to 1-2 working days. Therefore, the cost of each product includes the price ofmaterials, production costs, workshop studio rental, advertising and the cost of thewood crafter time. As we do not stampwooden preforms and cut out thebrooches’ shapes ofsolid wood independently, this process requires a lot of skills and time.