About us

About us

Woodman Bow Ties Company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of wooden accessories. The commitment to the traditions of handcrafted wood processing, forming a new identity, sense of perfection and individual approach are the most important of our Commandments. Woodman Bow Ties Company operates on the principle of centralized manufactory that let us evaluate and control the quality of the production process at all its stages.

All wooden bow ties, brooches, rings, and other products are handcrafted by the makers from renewable materials or materials with the possibility of recycling: wood, natural fabrics and natural oils.

Our company has revalued stereotypical views of men's accessories in order to breathe a new life into classic bow ties, transforming the idea of ​​the image of the modern man. One of the company's product branches are accessories for women – female models of bow ties, rings and brooches, as well as a line of children's accessories.

The base of each bow tie can be made from different types of wood, such as oak, beech, ash-tree, alder, maple etc. The use of exclusively handmade woodworking adds to the accessory not only natural beauty but also uniqueness.

Each individual bow tie is assessed to match grain and colour of wood with certain textile according to their texture, colour and pattern. This is a long creative process which is still worth it because it adds not only aesthetic individuality to each wooden bow tie, but turns it into a sophisticated masterpiece. With this wooden bow tie made of solid wood you cannot remain unnoticed in any event, at any time.

No wonder wooden bow ties by Woodman Bow Ties have become traditional accessories for the weddings, and also excellent corporate gifts for employees of Ukrainian and foreign companies. We hope you like our wooden masterpieces too!

Yours Sincerely,

Woodman Bow Ties Team